MALE Drink

Living the dream: Take a shot of Alfa Male Vodka and you might find yourself in a different universe at the Giant’s Party.

Alfimov Noble Vodka

About The Alfa Male Drink

Alfimov Noble Vodka TM is a registered USPTO Trademark.

The Alfa Male Drink is made out of highest quality ingredients combined to create its own unique recipe by the award winning spirits distillery.

Be among the elite to carry this awesome high quality vodka at your establishment.

About The Alfa Male Drink

Creator of The Alfa drink got this idea when dreaming. First, the creator took off the ground fast into space when it was dark, and a cold planet did not have a visible atmosphere but had slight signs of possible life and it could have been Pluto orĀ  Jupiter Moon Europa. Then the creator travaled with the speed of light to a Giant’s event which could have been hostwed on another actual planet.Very tall, 14 to 26 j=feet or taller Giant beings gathered in a hall that was light and made of alien metal. Giants were discussing their business on Earth and the Universe and having a drink! The creator had to board and sit on a doughnut-shaped flying bench device that lifted Creator high in the air to be able to talk to a Giant.

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